The Apricot Valley Trek

Day 1: Timosgam / HIMIS Shukpachan

The trek to HEMIS Shukpachan crosses over to passes Rongtill-la (5000 Mts.) and Maptak-la (4800 Mts.). Hemis Shukpachan is a large village with to be visited. Trek time: 5 hours.

Day 2: HIMIS Shukpachan / Yangthang

An easy walk which crosses over a pass Tso Mangchen-la (4600 Mts.). Camp at Yangthang near the stream. Trek time: 4 hours.

Day 3: Yangthang

Today is a rest day or visit the Ridzong Gompa the most peaceful and hidden among the hills. Trek time with visit to Gompa: 6 hours.

Day 4: Yangthang / Likeer

Easy walk to Likeer village, cross a pass Chogotse-la (4200 Mts.). Likeer is a big village with a large monastery belonging to the yellow sect. Overnight at Likeer. Trek time: 6 hours.

Day 5: Likeer / Rafta

A long dry walk today, Rafta is a small place with only three families. Trek time: 7 hours.

Day 6: Rafta / Umla

We cross a pass Mandang-la (4100 Mts.) and descend to Umla, a nice camping place. Trek time 4 hours.

Day 7: Umla / Taroo

An easy walk upto Taroo village, we also cross a small pass. Taroo is a big village of 60 families. vernight in camp at Taroo. Trek time: 4 hours.

Day 8: Taroo / Phyang

An easy walk to Phyang village. Phyang is considered one of the important Monastery in Ladakh. From Phyang drive to Leh. Trek time : 4 hours